American fury in the Philippines. XXIII / Marilao

The attention of the clergy and of others who advocate the enforcement
of Christianity at the point of the bayonet is called to the following
extract from a letter of a correspondent of the " Evening Post":

The country between Marilao and Manila presents a picture of
desolation. Smoke is curling from hundreds of ash heaps, and the
remains of trees and fences torn by shrapnel are to be seen
everywhere. The general appearance of the country is as if it had been
swept by a cyclone. The roads are strewn with furniture and clothing
dropped in flight by the Filipinos. The only persons remaining behind
are a few aged persons, too infirm to escape. They camp beside the
ruins of their former homes and beg passers-by for any kind of
assistance. The majority of them are living on the generosity of our
soldiers, who give them portions of their rations. The dogs of the
Filipinos cower in the bushes, still terrified and barking, while
hundreds of pigs are to be seen busily searching for food. Bodies of
dead Filipinos are stranded in the shallows of the river, or are lying
in the jungle where they crawled to die, or were left in the wake of
the hurriedly retreating army. These bodies give forth a horrible
stench, but there is no time now to bury them. The inhabitants who
fled from Marilao and Meycauayan left in such a panic that on the
tables our soldiers found money and valuables, and in the rooms were
trunks containing property of value. This was the case in most of the
houses deserted. They were not molested by our soldiers, but the
Chinese, who slip in between the armies, are looting when they can,
and have taken possession of several houses, over which they raised
Chinese flags, some of which were afterwards torn down. An old woman
was found hidden in a house at Meycauayan yesterday, just dead,
apparently from fright and hunger. The old woman named in the last
paragraph may be cited as one converted in this missionary enterprise.

Title: The Anti-imperialist.
Publication Info: Brookline, Mass.,: E. Atkinson.,