American fury in the Philippines. XL / San Roque

Another charge grew out of a letter written by Corporal Williams as to
the looting of a village called St. Roque before June i, I899.
Williams, being asked, said that he wrote the letter, and that the
statement was "substantially true." The captain of his company stated that

the village of St. Roque was looted by the Iowa Regiment and the other
troops stationed at Cavite, that the men helped themselves to what
they found and destroyed articles of property they could not use, that
the colonel and other field officers did not exert themselves to stop
it, and that, while he disapproved of what was done, he did not feel
called upon under the circumstances to do anything about it. The
colonel and lieutenant-colonel stated that the town was burned by the
insurgents, and that the colonel ordered an officer to take charge of
the district, put out the fires, and collect and store all articles of
value. The colonel says, A part of the property so collected was
afterwards removed to Cavite for use of officers and men in the
quarters, which were found absolutely bare of furniture when my
regiment took station there.