American fury in the Philippines. XLV / Rape

An anonymous letter signed " An Outraged Citizen" was addressed to
General MacArthur under date of February 26, i9oi, beginning:

It is simply horrible what the Macabebe soldiers are doing in some of
the towns.... The Macabebes are committing the most horrible outrages
in the towns and the officers say nothing, but, on the contrary,
punish and threaten any persons who make complaint.... Some twelve
days ago some Macabebes went into a house, and four soldiers raped a
married woman, one after another, in the presence of her husband, and
threatened to kill him if he dared to say anything. The war will never
come to an end this way, nor will the country be pacified. The people
are compelled to take to the woods.

Title: Secretary Root's record. "Marked severities" in Philippine
warfare. An analysis of the law and facts bearing on the action and
utterances of President Roosevelt and Secretary Root.
Author: Storey, Moorfield, 1845-1929.