American fury in the Philippines. XLVIII / Cienta

March 16.- Instructed Lieutenant Colonel McCaskey, commanding Twentieth
U. S. Infantry, at Pasig, to clear the country in his immediate
vicinity of any of the insurgents who might be lurking near, and soon
after received a dispatch from him that he had sent out two battalions
to be deployed as skirmishers to clear the island of Pasig. Soon
after, heavy and long-continued firing was heard to the east and north
of Pasig. At 12 M. learned that Maj. William P. Rogers, commanding
Third Battalion Twentieth U. S. Infantry, had come upon the enemy,
intrenched one thousand strong at the village of Cienta, and that he
had carried the intrenchments and burned the town, the enemy flying in
the direction of Taytay.

Title: The official records of the Oregon volunteers in the Spanish
war and Philippine insurrection,page 547