American torture in the Philippines. II

I am inclined to think that Dr. Stuntz himself, if he had been
subjected to some of the tortures which I know some of our officers
have inflicted on Filipinos, would have admitted things that he does
not really assent to the infallibility of the Pope, for example, in
order to escape the sufferings which these entail. Or, supposing that
he or any of us were called upon to witness inflicted on: some near
and dear relative, or friend of ours, a torture which I have reason to
know one of our officers inflicted on a Filipino woman; he or we might
be induced to say almost anything was true which we knew to be false,
in 'order to free one we loved from such shameful treatment. This poor
woman was completely stripped of her clothing, her feet were tied
together, and she was lowered by ropes, head downward, into a well,
until through suffering and fear she gave so-called testimony which
secured the death of four men. That testimony was actually used to
take these men's lives.

Title: The water cure from a missionary point of view: by Homer C. Stuntz.
Author: Stuntz, Homer Clyde, 1858-1924.