Chinese collaboration under the American occupation. III

The Third United States Infantry was posted at the approaches to the ford, where the advance portion of the column had rested the night before, to protect the passage of the transportation. The remainder of the command, with the wagon train, resumed the advance toward the river. The same conditions (or worse, if possible) as on the day previous continued to impede the progress of the wagon train. Captain Gale, with his dismounted squadron of the Fourth Cavalry, furnished the advance guard and convoy of the train, and with his entire command rendered valuable aid assisting in building bridges and making roads.
Lieutenant Hawthorne, with his mountain battery detachment, Maj. GeorgePenrose and Lieutenant Kemp, of the Medical Corps, with their hospital squads and Chinese litter bearers, lent willing hands to overcome what frequently appeared insurmountable obstacles to further progress.

Title: The official records of the Oregon volunteers in the Spanish warand Philippine insurrection,Author: Oregon. Adjutant-General's Office. Page 558