Chinese collaboration under the American occupation. I

The military operations which have since taken place in Panay will be noted in a later portion of this report. As soon as Iloilo was occupied by our troops a government was established and has been successfully prosecuted.
The rapid changes in the spirit, demeanor,and demonstrations of the inhabitants of Manila of all classes between the 5th and 10th of February could be witnessed only in a community made up of the most heterogeneous elements. On the 6th the educated business classes, foreign and native born, were surprisingly hopeful that hostilities would soon end. The natives of the middle and working classes were sullen, though undetermined.
The large Chinese laboring population rejoiced over the punishment of their race enemies and the opportunity offered it for looting the country from which the insurgent forces had been driven. These Chinese had followed quite closely our advancing lines and secured many minor articles of property which by them were considered of value.
We had employed them, too, extensively to perform a good deal of the work connected with supplying the troops at the front, and they performed faithful service.

Title: The official records of the Oregon volunteers in the Spanish war and Philippine insurrection, pag. 484-85
Author: Oregon. Adjutant-General's Office