American fury in the Philippines. VIII / Igbaras

Senator RAWLINS. I will pass to another subject.
By Senator RAWLINS: Q. How large a town was this village of Igbaras?-
A. I do not know how many acres it covered.
Q. I do not mean how many acres, but about how many houses?-
A. From 400 to 5oo native shacks or bamboo houses.
Q. How long were you there after your arrival that morning?-
A. We were there until about 8 o'clock the next morning We were in the
immediate vicinity of the mountains back of the town. We-left there
between 8 and 8.30 the next morning.
Q. What was done with the town?-
A. After returning from the mountains the town was burned that night.
Q. By whose orders?-
A. By order of Captain Glenn.
Q. How many houses were destroyed?-
A. Practically the entire town, with the exception of the church, the
quarters of the soldiers, and about twenty or thirty houses in the
lower section of the town.
Q. How were those houses occupied?-
A. They were occupied by native families.
Q. Men, women, and children?-
A. Men, women, and children; yes, sir.

itle: Testimony of Charles S. Riley [and William Lewis Smith]:
Author: Riley, Charles S.