American fury in the Philippines. XVII / Santa Cruz

" I have just returned to Santa Cruz from a two days' trip in tie
mountains. We left Santa Cruz about 4.30 on the morning of the 5th, and
proceeded about twenty miles into the mountains. Men from each troop
volunteered to walk five miles further to a house where, we were
informed, a Filipino general lived. Besides sixty men, we had two scouts
to show us the way. We sneaked through the bushes from place to place,
and when we had failed to find the house, or even see any native, we
became disgusted, and proceeded to return to Santa Cruz. Just as we were
about to turn back we heard a sound of laughter near us, and we started
ahead again, and creeping through the bushes, we came in sight of a
house. We saw a Filipino officer addressing a crowd of natives. In the
house a wedding ceremony was being performed, an insurgent officer
taking to himself a better half. During the speech the audience cried
out, ' Long live Aguinaldo!' We were about twenty-five yards from the
house when the word was given to charge, but not to shoot the clildren.
Most of the party had been indulging in wine, and were not sober. Each
soldier took aim, and rushed upon the crowd and fired. Those who escaped
took refuge in the building. On the ground near the house were the
bodies of the slain, and among them were the bridegroom and the bride,
both weltering in their blood."

Thomas Jones, 1900